Historic protests have been carrying on outside my window for days. Here’s what that’s been like.

“If you’ve wondered what you would’ve done during slavery, the Holocaust, or Civil Rights movement…you’re doing it now.” — Aditi Juneja

Of all the books to be reading when my phone buzzed for a news alert about a police killing in Minnesota, I was reading A Narrative of the Life…

Republicans are willing to die on this hill.

Weeks ago, I wrote a piece on Medium entitled “Will The Coronavirus Kill Trumpism?” In it, I argued that his massive failure to manage the coronavirus was a direct result of his brand of chaos politics, and that might incentivize Republican incumbents to distance themselves from the President.

…I was…

If you need motivation (or information) ahead of this election, these are the books to read while you‘re stuck at home.

Eventually, we’ll be back to our busy lives and the election will dominate the news cycle again. The COVID-19 pandemic has become the center of the universe, but the election in November continues to inch closer, one day at a time. While our lives primarily take place from the comfort…

Political ideologies are generally judged by the loudest voices who articulate them. Unfortunately for Bernie Sanders’ movement, the loudest voices who remain invested in Bernie 2020 are being obnoxious — again. For some reason, in the name of party unity, traditional Democrats are expected to turn the other cheek and…

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